Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Six Clever Confetti Containers for Your Wedding

Stunning Confetti Picture by brilliant wedding photographer, Tora Baker

Wedding photographers know there's one picture that every bride and groom want from their big day; the confetti shot. Traditionally rice was scattered at the feet of the happy couple, as a symbol of rain, prosperity, fertility and good fortune.

Nowadays rose petals or colourful rice paper are more common, partly because they're prettier. Getting that perfect photograph is harder than it looks, because the newlyweds usually leave the church or venue before their guests.

Normally your wedding photographer will ask you to loop round, and once your guests are outside and primed with handfuls of confetti, you can emerge again triumphant! It's actually rather lovely waiting to come out once again, as you get a few minutes to yourselves to enjoy that 'just married' feeling. 

Petal Toss Wedding Bags by Creative Party Design

We chose rose petals for our confetti, but as long as the material is biodegradable, most wedding venues won't stop you from throwing handfuls of colourful paper in the air.

I love the suppliers Proper Confetti for their selection of metallic, paper and petal confetti, plus their easy to understand measuring advice. Stripey Finds is a fantastic budget option, with one litre bags of lavender, cornflower and rose petals for only £10.99.

Confetti Petal Bags by The Wedding of My Dreams

Confetti Cones by Party Touches UK

White and Gold Wedding Cones by Tara's Wonderland

Wedding Confetti Bags by Confetti Cone Company

Biodegradable Confetti Packets & Order of Service by Adam Apple Confetti

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