Monday 28 September 2015

Vintage Wedding Decorations - Cloche & Bell Jars

My latest wedding decoration obsession are these vintage-style bell jars. They're perfect for a botanical or garden themed wedding, or a vintage-themed wedding, and I love their versatility. You can literally fill them with anything! I love how the bell jars in the picture below are filled with herbs, but I've seen them covering designer shoes {imagine naming your wedding tables Jimmy Choo, or Christian Louboutin!}, wedding cakes, vintage books and even sylvan scenes of moss and toadstools. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest board - it's stuffed with excellent wedding inspiration and ideas. For more pictures from this fabulous event styled by Sterling Engagements - check out the wedding blog Grey Likes Weddings.

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  1. Certainly a great way of giving some protection to fragile centrepieces like dried flowers or similar items - just be careful the wedding venue does not end up looking too much like a laboratory though...


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