Monday 25 May 2015

Wedding Trends for 2015 - Edible Flowers

Hosting a truly original wedding means surprising your guests at every turn, and that's why I love this micro trend for 2015. Edible flowers have been around for years, but it's only now that wedding caterers are getting in on the act. It's partly down to the growth {sorry!} of suppliers in the UK - you can buy your flowers direct from First Leaf and Greens of Devon, or even buy seeds to grow your own! Ask your caterer, or DIY your own edible flower creations. I'm loving these creative ideas {below} for signature wedding cocktails, deserts and cheeses, and how about edible confetti?!

{1. Edible Flower Popsicle Recipe by Marla Meredith}

{1. Love Design Fest | 2. Design Love Fest}

{1. Brides of Adelaide | 2. Brownie Recipe by Raw Deserts}

{1. DIY Daisy Lollipops by Intimate Weddings | 2. Decorated Goats Cheeses}

{1. Elderflower Popsicles by ChewTown | 2. Divino Macaron}

{1. Brides Magazine | 2. Edible Flower Ice-cube Tutorial by The View From Great Island}

{1. Unknown | 2. Kiran Tarun}

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