Thursday 14 May 2015

A Boho Dreamcatcher Wedding Theme

An old hippy favourite, dreamcatchers are being reimagined for the twenty-first century in a kaleidoscope of colours and designs. I love them as the basis for a wedding theme - they represent all the hopes and dreams of the traditional marriage ceremony, but in a boho style. Use them as wedding decorations, favours and as a motif on your wedding stationery. You could even create a wedding altar out of a giant catcher. More ideas on my Boho Wedding Pinterest page, including lots of Etsy sellers and DIY wedding ideas.

{Photo Credit} Styled shoot by Paige Jones, dreamcatchers by i Sewpose

{Photo Credit} Styled shoot by Paige Jones, dreamcatchers by i Sewpose

{Photo Credit} DIY Dreamcatchers - Styled shoot by Jessie Thomson

{Photo Credit} 1. Soul Makes, see more of this wedding | 2. Transluscent Jellyfish Dreamcatcher, £60

{Photo Credit} Custom-made Miniature Dream Catchers, 5 for £92

{Photo Credit} 1. Dreamcatcher Wedding Stationery | 2. Dreamcatcher Mobile, £130

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