Wednesday 4 December 2013

DIY Bride - Spray-Painted Sheep Cake Topper

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have spotted a flurry of DIY pictures about a month ago. It was all in aid of my friend's last-minute plan-it-in-a-week wedding. Her big bash is actually this weekend {excited!}, but for family reasons, she had to bring the ceremony forward. After much chatting about themes, she decided on a rich gold detailing, and I took the opportunity it get my spray paint on! Not just for graffiti artists, spray paint really is the most versatile of tools. It can turn the most everyday items into a wonderful wedding details. My friend works as a shepherdess, and wanted a cute sheep-style cake topper. I'd spotted this project on Once Wed many years ago, and thought it a genius idea, so tried it out.

I bought toy sheep from Amazon {but I imagine you can find second-hand on eBay}, and lined them up in a shoe-box, took it outside, and got funky with my gold spray paint!

It took a couple of coats, but it was so effective, I did a little satisfaction dance! I reckon if you bought tonnes of them, you could use them as little place-markers, and obviously, you could spray them in any colour to match your wedding theme. I've also seen fruit sprayed gold, and take a look at my jam-jar DIY project. Click for more Before the Big Day DIY bride ideas.

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