Thursday 3 October 2013

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Theme

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? I haven't, but there's something uniquely romantic about them. The idea that you could just float away together into the sunset, surrounded by billowing silk. It's all about new beginnings, and of course the film Up provides tonnes of inspiration. Just imagine a gorgeous wedding themed around the hot air balloon. You could include lots of stripes to mirror the fabric of the balloon, and lunch could be served in picnic baskets decorated with giant balloons. Take a look at these gorgeous ideas and products, and don't miss my Love is in the Air Pinterest page for tonnes more wedding inspiration.

{Photo Credit} Jose Villa - more on Before the Big Day here

{Photo Credit} Jessmyn Harris, see more from this wedding | 2. Unknown

{Photo Credit} Jade and Matthew Take Pictures

{Photo Credit} Logan Cole, see more from this hot air balloon wedding

{Credit} Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations by Hootsie

{Credit} 1. Hot Air Balloon Fingerprint Guest Book by Bleu de Toi | 2. Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations by InkPad Design

{Photo Credit} Caroline Tran, more from this wedding on Style Me Pretty

{Credit} Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitation by Eden Craft Project

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  1. hot air balloon theme was so cute :))) its very unique ^^


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