Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spring Wedding Decoration Idea

Peparing for your spring wedding? Jump into the new season with gorgeous pastel pom-poms, as shown in these incredible pictures from the Pom Pom Factory. Poms are a pretty easy DIY project, but the Pom Pom Factory go far beyond simple poms - they'll craft creative installations for your wedding, from balloon-style displays to dresses for your bridesmaids {yes really!}. Alternatively buy ready-made poms from their shop.

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  1. Hi - maybe I am being thick, but none of the links work for the shop, neither those embedded in your post or on their website! Do you have a link/recommendation that works as I love their pompoms!

    1. Hey it's Elaine from pom pom factory! Sorry we are just updating our store so the links might not be working at this moment. If you have any enquiries please email me at Thanks!


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