Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wonderful Weekend Wedding {WWW} Blog Links

Do you get homesick? It's a strange feeling to have as an adult, but I'm away, living in Brussels this month, so I've been getting real pangs. I've been put up in a lovely flat in a great area {v near trendy Place du Chatelain}, but it's just not home. So this weekend has been a real treat, because I've come back! It's created a combination of feelings; the fun of seeing the flat through new eyes, and the familiarity of slipping back into my old patterns. Plus, London feels brand new again, I'm rediscovering it like a tourist, because The Boy and I are so keen to pack more into our weekend. We went to the National Portrait Gallery, and out to a show in the Roundhouse, called La Soirée. I'd highly recommend both. La Soirée would make a fantastic hen night, and you could even theme your wedding around a glamorous circus theme! For more incredible wedding inspiration, check out the best of the wedding blog links below, and don't miss Before the Big Day's wedding theme ideas.

{Photo Credit} Amy Carroll Photography

♥ Exquisite pastel garden wedding {via wedding blog 100 Layer Cake}

♥ Loving the idea of a rainbow procession of wedding cars, as spotted by my wedding planner Kerry Bracken on her blog

♥ Simple is always beautiful, and I love a pear on a plate {via wedding blog Once Wed}

♥ I love hand-drawn wedding invitations - they are SO this season {via my favourite wedding photographer's blog @ Caught the Light}

♥ Pumpkins and straw at a wedding! It shouldn't work, but it so does {via wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes}

♥ A great guide to pink wedding flowers

50 ways to trim your wedding budget {via the master of all things wedding, Martha Stewart}

Gold wedding inspiration

♥ Have you seen my wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest?

♥ Don't forget you can still win tickets to the National Wedding Show thanks to Before the Big Day!

♥ And if you're still looking for The One {aka your wedding dress}, don't miss the Wedding Dress Sales

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