Wednesday 2 November 2011

Real Colourful 3-Day Morrocan Wedding: Stephanie & Anand

Prepare yourself for a blast of colour with this incredible destination wedding in Morocco! Stephanie and Anand celebrated their big day in Marrkech, in a three-day extravaganza, which included two wedding dresses and a camel, plus some serious partying. Stephanie arrived at the wedding in a litter carried by four robed men - way to make an entrance! It makes walking up the aisle look passé. I'm also loving the pink awnings and red carpets, plus these incredible two green thrones. Throw in all the wonderful traditional garlands of flowers, beautiful saris and a macaroon cake, and I'm in Moroccan heaven! Fantastic planning by Boutique Souk, and huge thanks to Joe Lasky Photography for his beautiful pictures.

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  1. I love the wedding cake it looks amazing, never seen one that unique or massive before.


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