Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Wedding - Three Days to Go!!

You might have noticed that the blog postings have been slightly erratic over the last two weeks. That's because my French wedding is now in three days - eeeeeeeeek! We're already in France, and the weather is beautiful - I'm just praying it holds out for Saturday and Sunday. I'm carrying around my Delphine Manivet dress in its protective bag, plus the veil in another bag, and I'm worrying about creases, almost as much as I'm worrying about rain. Then there's the ash cloud....which right now is due to hit London on Friday, just as most of my guests are hoping to leave for France. This bridal business is just one long anxiety attack! The good news is that we visited the venue again yesterday, and it looks gorgeous. Plus my fabulous French hairdresser made me look super-chic in our practice run. All I can hope is that my stress is making me burn up more calories - a week in France is not conducive to dieting before your wedding! I'm reposting my wedding mood boards here, partly as a fond memory of how it all started.....

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  1. Gosh! Can you believe your big day has come around already! How very exciting! I hope you have a wonderful day and it is everything you've been dreaming of. I do hope the ash moves far away from London and France.

    Have an amazing day and of course, looking forward to seeing your pics!

    Susan x


    Editor, Before the Big Day

  3. Oooooh la la where has the time gone? Hope you had the most wonderful day xx


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