Monday 16 May 2011

Boys! Feeling left out?

Okay, so I'm the first to admit Before the Big day errs a bit on the side of the bride, and although I don't want to send the men away, I would recommend future husbands check out GroomGroove and Staggered. GroomGroove is an American site, but it's still got plenty of hints that translate into English {!}.  One of my favourite tools is the Diamond Engagement Ring Calculator, where you can enter your salary and find out how much you should be spending....although I always thought it was supposed to be one months, not two?

Product Credit - Cake Toppers from Goose Grease

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  1. I had a chat with the guy from Staggered at the National Wedding Show - great website and a must for the guy who is feeling left out of everything. Why do guys generally just get to name the wedding breakfast tables?


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