Thursday, 4 November 2010

Real Wedding: Erin & Jeremy

If you haven't discoverd the wedding e-zine Utterly Engaged, you're missing out. Although since I've snaffled a gorgeous rustic wedding from their collection for your viewing pleasure, don't worry too much.... Erin wasn't actually that detail obsessed, but her sister took on plenty of projects on her behalf, and created a truly gorgeous affair. Inspiration came from Erin's love of baby's breath flowers, earth tones and vegan foods, and their big day was a truly eco-friendly wedding. And if you think going green means sacrificing style, check out the gorgeous One Love pictures below.

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  1. Those are some lovely looking images there.
    The shot through the chapel door is just fantastic.


  2. Your pics are amazingly beautiful :)

  3. These photographs are gorgeous, love the antique styling.

  4. Great to see such a great blog like yours.

  5. This is an amazing article. Congrats!


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