Wednesday 29 September 2010

Real Wedding: Mo & Kent

Vineyard weddings are the best! Not only do they make the best backdrop to a beautiful big day, they also provide endless wedding ideas. From cork placemarkers and grape table displays, to personalised bottle labels and the homegrown wine itself, it's a fantastic theme. Mo and Kent {okay, mostly Mo} put a lot of work and thought into their wedding, including plenty of stealworthy ideas and DIY touches. Read more about her planning process on her blog Pink Argyle. My favourite spots are the multi-coloured lanterns, the Sprinkles cupcakes {peanut butter chocolate flavour...mmmm}, the rosehip buttonholes and polkadot ring pillow. If you check out the pics you'll see Mo and Kent had a table for two at the reception. Known as the sweetheart table it's really common in the US, and the trend is coming here. The thinking behind it is that the bride and groom barely ever sit through the whole of the meal, busy greeting guests, so it's better to have their own little spot rather than leave two empty places on the top table. Good idea? What do you reckon? Many thanks to the lovely Jessamyn Harris for these gorgeous pictures.

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