Friday, 14 September 2012

Real Yellow Themed Simple Wedding: Jordan & Adam

Sometimes it's not about the details. Sometimes it's just about you and your boy getting married, in a gorgeous location, with a fantastic photographer to record the details. So if you're not the type of bride who's going to obsess about whether your bridesmaids' dresses match the napkins, then this wedding will rock your world. Jordan and Adam celebrated their big day in the green of the countryside, and Jordan wore an exquisite strapless dress with a simple tiara and no veil. Simply fabulous. I'm also seriously in love with her choice of flat yellow shoes for her big day - no one was going to stop this lady dancing! Adam also kept with the theme with yellow Pringle socks and a lovely orchid buttonhole. The other brilliant element about this wedding is that Adam's surname is Jordan, and Jordan has indeed decided to change her last name, so her newly married name is Jordan Jordan - seriously cool! Huge thanks to Our Labour of Love for their gorgeous pictures.

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  1. Love the yellow bursting out in these photos! How incredibly creative!

  2. The colours in these photos just bowl me over!

  3. I'm a huuuuuge fan of sunshiny yellow weddings as well! x


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