Sunday 20 June 2010

Love Lobster

So I'm not sure why you might want to theme your wedding around the symbol of a lobster, but for some reason, I've fallen in love with it. There's something so bold and red and nautical about it. My only defence is that lobster does taste good, and a lobster dinner would be a fantastic {if messy} way to celebrate your big day. Also...I'm not the only one - check out this wedding for evidence. All this is proof that you can pick whatever you like as a symbol of your wedding, even a whiskery, stinky crustacean, and it'll still be cool. *Update* Don't miss the exclusive offers for Before the Big Day readers below.

Product Credits {from top left} 1. Creative Ris, 2. D Dots, 3. Royal Kane {from bottom left} 1. Mad Meringue, 2. Becca Michele, 3. Royal Blue Papers

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  1. there is the old rumor (and it is just that, a rumor) that lobsters mate for life so that's sort of a sweet romantic twist to it too... and lobster decor is just so darn cute! Many New England clambake style weddings use a touch of this motif in the design.

    p.s. love the pillowcase - would be so perfect in a summer beach cottage

  2. That is such a sweet rumour! Thank you Erin xGeorgia

  3. Yes, remember that Friends episode where Phoebe says to Ross that Rachel is his lobster?! Very sweet.

  4. thank you SO much for featuring MY LOBSTER DDOTS ® Art Card - I made it for my best friend who is a BIG FRIENDS fan! :o)

    siempre- dorana

  5. As a fan of eating lobster (yum), I love this! Especially love the pillow, very cute.

  6. Thank you Emma!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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