Saturday, 6 March 2010

Personalised Presents

Favours are fantastic when they're something unexpected. We're all used to receiving little baggies of sugared almonds (meant to encourage fertility in the happy couple), but it's much better surprise your guests. At a recent Italian wedding, my friends A & L, homemade a delicious lemon liquer called limoncello, and gave each person a commemorate minature bottle. It was the perfect present; personalised, original and unusual. For your own homemade favours, try these DIY ideas.
1. The first collage is from Twig and Thistle Store. You choose a colour, buy the patterns, personalise them and print them at home.
2. The second collage is from Miss Pickles Press, who will print preserve labels with names, event date and contents of jar. Or, if you're throwing a BBQ, use these bold cutlery packets to add a touch of USA vintage to your day.

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