Wednesday, 3 February 2010

BBD Theme: On Your High Horse

If you're getting married in the countryside, then why not consider an equestrian theme? Totally romantic, it harks back to a more chivalrous era, and would set a genteel tone to your big day. There's also endless motifs to add charm to your stationery and reception, starting of course with the lucky horse-shoe. Use rosettes as button holes and favours, encourage your page boys to carry hobby horses, and why not ride side-saddle up the aisle? And after a barn-dance or hoe-down, gallop into the sunset with the man of your dreams (hopefully not the best man!). Great news! Several of the vendors below have agreed to give discounts to Before the Big Day readers. Check out the details below.

Product Credits (from top left) - Horseshoe Stationery: Creative Ris, Horseshoe pendant: Bri Guys Girls, Hobby Horse: Rustic Horsehoe, Wedding Gown; B Trousseau Vintage Horseshoe Locket: Cosmic Girl, Red Horseshoe Heart: Altered Iron, (from middle left) Crocheted Rosette: Ninon, Corset: Jills Corsets, Lucy Horseshoe Ring: Michelle Chang Jewelry, Vintage Cowboy Boots: Trivial Pursuit, (from botton left) Horse Motif Stickers: Seasonal Delights, Fine Gold Horseshoe Pendant: Metal Made, Confetti: Not on the High Street, Persian Horsemen Stationery: Drenculture, Lucy Horseshoe Pendant: E Ria Designs

We ♥ Offers
Michelle Chang Jewelry is offering 15% off from now till end of Feb
Rustic Horsehoe and Altered Iron are offering 10% off
Cosmic Girl and Jills Corsets are offering free shipping with any purchase.
With all the deals, just mention Before the Big Day to the seller to claim your discount.

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  1. What a lovely blog you have! Jill from Jill's Corsets just sent me a link b/c the headpiece worn in her corset photo featured here is one of my pieces:
    The brand is LIAISON by Kat Swank, and my work will be featured this February in Gisele Scanlon's The Goddess Guide II, UK.
    All the best to you & your gorgeous blog!
    Warmly, Katherine


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