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Friday, 28 September 2012

Real Italian Destination Wedding: Suzanne & Lee - Part 2

Brides dreaming of an Italian destination wedding are going to want to copy every detail of this gorgeous big day. Suzanne and Lee started with a heavenly vineyard wedding venue, and added a rustic theme, fabulous flower displays, and jam-jar lanterns, plus tonnes more wedding details. I love Suzanne's glamorous Rita Westenius wedding gown, her family heirloom tiara, and her beautiful bouquet, which included hydgrangea blooms as her 'something blue'. With an enormous, traditionally Italian wedding cake, and local specialities as wedding favours, Suzanne and Lee drew inspiration from their surroundings for their wedding theme, and added their own DIY touches. Read more about Suzanne's projects in her comments below! Huge thanks to Amoretti Weddings, who planned their big day, and Andrea Calvano for his stunning wedding pictures.

We got married in a little medieval village called Citta'Sant'angelo, in the rural province of Abruzzo Italy on 4 June 2012 – the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

The venue was perfect and hopelessly 100% authentic Italy. An old villa situated in a vineyard perched on top of a cliff with panoramic views of the Adriatic and Apennine mountains; it was spectacular. 

We wanted our decorations to reflect the rustic nature of the surrounding countryside and the faded grandeur of the villa. Because the views and setting were so wonderful, we knew we wanted flowers and decorations that would match it and hold their own amongst the surroundings.

I really enjoyed planning my wedding, but it did take up a lot of time! I am quite glad now that I can go to work and not have to think about favours or lastminute changes to seating plans!

Our wedding stationery was designed by Emiliana and the team at Amoretti Weddings, and they were fantastic. They were not wedding planners per se but more wedding designers! Emiliana was our wedding planner and she also designs amazing, elegant stationary so it was a no-brainer.

Fabrizio Panone of Pescara did out flower arrangements, we were so pleased with them! We chose him because, despite the language barrier, he instantly understood what I was trying to get across with pointing and gesticulating! 

For DIY projects, I created a little package for every guest about the local area and plans for the day and put it in their hotel rooms. As it was a wedding abroad I didn't want anyone to feel lost, and we wanted to ensure our guests savoured the local delicacies and see why we chose the region.

I also made a guest book on I badgered family members to provide me with photographs of all our grandparents on their wedding day, that would intermingle with the guest book pages. I also managed to dig out some photos from 1906, 1928 and 1952 of my family wedding headpiece in use!

We decided to keep the favours simple and 'Italian'. The girls had little packages of sugared almonds – a regional specialty, and the boys had little bottles of {my fave} ratafia, a local Abruzzo cherry liqueur- they went down very well.

We had a traditional Italian creamy wedding cake provided by the venue.

No matter how hard you try, or how detailed you plan your big day, some things will just refuse to go to plan. My advice is to book someone at you wedding who can be your 'troubleshooter / present putter-awayer / MC / guest co-ordinator' and just relax, breathe and enjoy the day.

We asked Andrea Calvano, a local photographer, to take out pics. We chose him because on viewing his portfolio he had a wonderful artistic flare.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Real Italian Destination Wedding: Suzanne & Lee

If you're worried about the English weather ruining your wedding day, consider a destination wedding. We celebrated our big day in France, and although going abroad is no guarantee for sunshine, it certainly paid off for us. Suzanne and Lee had a similarly wonderful wedding day in June in Italy! Surrounded by stunning Italian countryside, in a tiny medieval village, they created a romantic, rustic themed wedding day with the help of their wedding planners, Amoretti Weddings. With peach, blue and pink as their accent wedding colours, and adorable Italian wedding details {cute Fiats! a massive cake!}, I've fallen head-over-heels for their wedding. Don't miss Suzanne's helpful hints and tips -  Lee's suit, and the bridesmaids' dresses were all bought on the high street, saving money without stinting on style. Huge thanks to local photographer Andrea Calvano for his beautiful pictures, more from the reception coming soon!

We got married in a little medieval village called Citta'Sant'angelo, in the rural province of Abruzzo Italy on 4 June 2012 – the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We knew we didn’t want a packaged up cardboard cut out affair. We wanted something different, something genuinely Italian, something special that our guests would always remember {and, as Lee would remind me, something on budget!!).

Very early on in our engagement my friend leant me a wedding book which had a photograph of a gorgeous bouquet of light pink, peach, cream and hydrangea blue flowers – it was very 'me' – I fell in love with it there and then! I also found beautiful peach bridemaids dresses so we planned everything around those colours.

My dress was made by the brilliant Rita & Chenca Westenius at Ritva Westenius. The shoes were Freya Rose, and the veil was a simple long piece bought from Ritva Westenius.

We were inspired by the venue and the location for the theme and the fact the wedding was abroad. Our invitations had a vintage aeroplane motif and generally for the wedding we wanted something romantic, rustic and classic - but not too over the top. 

My headpiece was my great great grandma's first worn at her wedding in 1906 and passed down through the family – I was very anxious about taking it all the way over to Italy on the plane!!

My bridesmaids dress were silk maxis from Ted Baker, their necklaces and earrings were beautifully handcrafted by Lou Lou Belle Designs, and I bought them each a little hair comb from Glitzy Secrets.

We searched high and low for outfits for the groom, ushers and fathers as we wanted suits that wouldn't be too confined or too hot on the day. In the end, on a whim we went to Bicester Village and found beautiful fine wool grey/beige suits in Savoy Taylor's Guild.

We got married in a little known part of Italy where hardly anyone speaks English or recognises English tourists. That in itself was the first hurdle, though it was quickly overcome by the rugged beauty of the region and the excitement we felt when we visited and grasped the potential Abruzzo could offer 'wedding tourists'.

Lee and I met in 2006 at work, I was a temp secretary at the time and he was a solicitor! We got engaged in June 2010 at the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest building.

We asked Andrea Calvano, a local photographer, to take out pics. We chose him because on viewing his portfolio he had a wonderful artistic flare.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Real Beachside Destination Wedding: Jiwon & Inki

Pure elegance are the two words I'd use to sum up this destination big day. Jiwon and Inki let the location do the talking and kept their wedding style simple and chic, with white as the dominant colour. I'm loving Jiwon's understated gown, which she glammed up with some serious diamonds, not least her huge engagement ring. Another favourite spot is the bridesmaids neutral dresses, which are so this season it hurts. The girls clearly share a love for shoes, because every pair is a work of art, and there was no compromising on heel-height, despite this being a beach wedding! The stationery fans, the all-white table-settings, the sculptural lily bouquets; we're talking a seriously classy affair all round. Huge thanks to Punam Bean for these gorgeous photographs.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Real Pink & Burnished Gold English Wedding: Laura & Jae

There's something quintiessentially English about this gorgeous autumn wedding. The combination of the pink and burnished gold wedding colours, the falling leaves and the lovely English countryside makes you long for those lovely days when summer turns into autumn. Laura and Jae chose Braxted Park as their wedding venue, and their wedding ceremony took place outdoors in the private walled garden {sooo lucky with the weather}. I'm loving all wedding details, from the bridesmaids' elegant full-length dresses, Laura's stunning full-skirted wedding gown, and sparkly tiara, plus Jae's smart monochrome suit and cravat. Don't miss the clever way Laura and Jae displayed their table plan in mismatched vintage frames and the lovely children's party packs {such a good idea}. Huge thanks to John Simpson of Bloke with a Camera for his fabulous photographs. I've also taken some stills from the amazing wedding video by Your Perfect Day. It made my cry - definitely worth a watch {scroll down to the bottom}. Also don't miss Laura's answers to the Before the Big Day Bride's Questionnaire. You can steal all her fabulous wedding ideas!

The Before the Big Day Brides' Q&A - Laura was kind enough to fill in our bridal questionnaire, aimed at helping other brides with their planning process. Feast your eyes on her answers for helpful hints and tips from someone on the other side of her big day!

Where and when did you get married?
Braxted Park in Witham on 16th September 2011

What was your thinking behind choosing the venue and the decoration of the reception?
We really wanted somewhere that wasn't too fussy but very pretty. Braxted Park ticked every box and more. The grounds are stunning, and being able to get married outdoors was a dream. We went for simple but elegant decorations - twinkle lights in bay trees, flowers, butterfly swags on the ceiling, sparkle on the table, white linen and chair covers with a gold sash, and a black and white dance floor. We also placed soft pink and lilac uplighters around the room, which gave a soft, warm wash to the walls in the evening. In the evening, the venue was lit up beautifully with lights in trees outside and gas torch lights.

Did you have a theme, colour or motif in mind? (e.g. green ivy leaves)
No theme as such. We just wanted a romantic feel to the day… soft, pretty and elegant. Golds and soft pinks were our wedding theme colours.

Who made your wedding outfit, and how did you come to that decision?
My wedding dress was by Lynn Ashworth and my shoes by BHS. I probably tried on about 12 dresses in a number of different shops. The one I decided upon was the very last dress I tried. and the one I liked least on the hanger. I’d already got a favourite which I very nearly bought earlier that day. But after trying on the Lynn Ashworth dress I knew that was the one. It felt perfect, was very 'me' and fitted with the feel of the day. I felt fantastic in it, and didn’t want to take it off, which was a great sign! My alternative wedding dress was a much slinkier and although it was beautiful, I didn't feel like a bride in it. It was more of an amazing evening dress.

What about your husband’s outfit? Where was it from?
Jae's suit was made for him. His cravat and waistcoat were hired from Debenhams.

And how about your bridesmaids’ outfits?
My bridesmaids dresses were from Satin Bow in St Albans. I already had in mind what I’d like the girls to wear. After trying on a handful of dresses in the shop, we found a winner and it was just perfect. Satin Bow were terrific and carried out a few alterations on the dresses, including last minute alterations due to two pregnant bridesmaids! I'd highly recommend this shop -Tor was my contact. The flower girls' dresses were from Debenhams.

What type of cake did you go for, and how did you come to that decision?
Again, we didn’t want anything over the top. We didn't really have any vision of how the cake would look, just that we wanted different flavours. We found Cakes by Shelly at a wedding fair in Hertfordshire and she was brilliant. We looked through some of her designs, {there were 100's}, but it took us no time at all to find the cake we wanted, and we adapted it to fit within our colour scheme. We had a tasting session with Shelly and chose four different flavours; chocolate, vanilla, fruit and lemon. On our wedding day, the cake tasted delicious and we got lots of great feedback from our guests. We also had a personalised cake topper made via a company on Ebay. We saved it from the wedding cake, and it's a great keepsake.

Did you have any favours? What were they? Was there any particular reason why you picked them?
Our favours doubled up as name places at the table. They were bespoke cookies which had the guests’ names on. These were also made by Cakes by Shelly.

Who was your florist, what flowers did you choose, and how did you come to that decision?
A woman called Lynn Whitton who is based in Hemel Hempstead. She was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and a friend. She was absolutely brilliant! I know very little about flowers, but again, had an idea of how I wanted them to look. A very precise idea, which trying to explain when you don’t know much about flowers is very difficult! Lynn listened to what I wanted and advised me what would work well together. There was so much more to think about than just the bouquets and everything she did was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and she was so easy and pleasant to work with.

Who was your photographer and how did you choose them?
We chose Bloke with a Camera. I read a lot of reviews about him on the Hitched website and he came highly recommended. He was brilliant for the informal, natural photos. but a little more direction was needed for the group formal shots.

Did you enjoy planning your wedding?
Loved it! Not sure my husband did though!

Did you have any DIY projects?
Our invites were from Debenhams and required putting together. It wasn't clearly stated on their website and had we have known, we wouldn't have chosen them. The DIY was very fiddly and time consuming. I made the children’s activity packs. We put the table plan together ourselves by buying lots of different frames and printing the inserts ourselves.

Who designed your other stationery? What did it look like and how did you come to that decision?
I found a great company called Here Comes The Bride and they were brilliant. Very helpful and made everything to our spec. It was lovely for everything to match - the menus, table names, guest book, post box sign etc. I'd highly recommend them.

What advice do you have for brides planning their big day?
Enjoy it because it will be over before you know it. I'd also strongly recommend a videographer. My husband wasn’t keen on having one but I really wanted one. When I found Your Perfect Day (highly reviewed on Hitched) and saw samples of their work, it was a must have. Needless to say, now the day is over and we’ve got a copy of the DVD, it was one of the best things we did. What a lasting memory to have and even my husband likes it! I’ve never seen anything like it before and the company were superb!

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