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Monday 22 July 2013

Autumn 2013 Bridesmaids Trends - Nude or Jewel?

One of my favourite wedding shops of all time, BHLDN, has just released their autumn 2013 collection. Yes, I know it's way to early for summer brides to be thinking about autumn, but if you're planning a wedding for October, you're going to need to start picking your bridesmaids' dresses. Your first decision will be which of the two key trends to choose from.....are you going to go for nude or jewel shades? My vote is for the bright berry tones - how about you?

{Product Credits} 1. Swansdown Dress in Nude, $420 | 2. Thalia Maxi Dress in Pink Peony, $420

{Product Credits} 1. Niceties Dress in Rose, $350 | 2. Daisy Doll Dress, $395

{Product Credits} 1. Ariel Dress in Merlot, $240 | 2. Daylily Dress in Sapphire, $200

{Product Credits} 1. Thalia Maxi-Dress in Slate, $320 and Crimson

{Product Credits} 1. Thalia Maxi-Dress in Sage, $320 | 2Niceties Dress in Sapphire, $220

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