Wednesday 15 July 2015

Wedding Trends 2015: Quirky Grooms

Loads of my friends are getting married this summer, and I've noticed a real sea-change in wedding styling. It's not all about the bride - grooms are getting in on the act. Bow-ties, floral shirts, tartan waistcoats, even powder-blue suits, the boys are putting as much thought into their wedding outfit as the girls. They're even surprising their brides with their look, turning the tradition of the 'first look' on its head. My favourite looks include linen for summer, colourful Converse sneakers teamed with a tailored suit, mismatched tie and shirt patterns, and waistcoats without jackets. Encourage your groom to raise the matrimonial stakes with accessories from fab UK suit companies like Dobell. For more fun unconventional groom ideas, take a look at my Pinterest board. Just hope your future husband doesn't go too far.....

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