Tuesday 25 June 2013

What's Your Engagement Story?

I wasn't the most subtle bride-in-waiting. I started Before the Big Day before I got engaged, and all of my now-husband's friends thought it was one giant hint. It wasn't, but I did have an unhealthy interest in weddings, long before my time! When my husband eventually proposed, I knew it was coming. We took a skiing holiday in France to celebrate New Year, and I just had that feeling he was going to pop the question. What I didn't expect was for him to do it on the first day! I got back from the slopes earlier than him, and soaked in a blissfully hot bath. Once I was all wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown, he came in, and told me to look out of the window at something. I peeked out over the balcony and saw 'Will You Marry Me' written in the snow. When I turned back, he was down on one knee! It was an amazing, if slightly surreal moment. I'd waited so long for the proposal, that afterwards it didn't quite seem real, and the snow was falling so fast, that the proposal soon disappeared, making it our secret. We eventually told our friends and family a few days later. What's your engagement story? Did your husband propose with a diamond ring? My husband chose my gorgeous solitaire for me, but if you're still looking, there's a great selection of stunning rings on Samara James. Learn more about diamonds and take a look at their collection by clicking here, and if you're interested, read more about me and my wedding.

{Picture Credit} Jose Villa

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  1. I am still single~ Very moving story.

  2. Wow what an amazing engagement. I've heard so many but this one beats them all! Its magical...

  3. Aww, beautiful story!

    Mine happened on Christmas Day. We had opened all our gifts to each other at home that morning with our sons, but when we went to my (future) in-laws to open gifts with them and my partner's daughter, he handed me one that he had "forgotten" to give me. Inside was a mug (kind of a "thing" with us, I'm a coffee addict who loves having my own distinctive mug!), which was decorated with a picture of a ring and the message "will you marry me?" I totally hadn't been expecting it, so I just started crying as I pulled out the ring box that was inside the mug. It was so special that he had waited until all our family were there to see the moment, because after nearly six years together he knew I'd say yes and I think it is so special that our children can say they were there when dad proposed to mum. I keep the mug in our display cabinet, it's too special to use.

    1. Oh, and the ring is diamond but it is far from traditional. He remembered that I once made a comment about not liking big rocks, so my ring has two small ribbon like bands with four diamonds on each, which cross each other at the front


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