Thursday, 21 January 2016

Incredible Colourful Ombre Wedding Cakes

No matter what your mother says, wedding cakes don't need to be white. In fact, the current trend for 2012 is for ombre cakes. Not sure what ombre means? Me either until I looked it up - apparently it's a fashion word, meaning the graduation of colour in a garment, or in this case, cake. I'm loving the tone changes, and the romantic ruffles. And if your mother insists on white, you can choose a secret, ombre interior, and surprise your guests! What are you going to choose for your wedding cake?

{Credit} Maggie Austin Cakes via Pinterest

{Credit} Left: Maggie Austin Cakes, Right: Unknown, please contact me if you know.

{Credit} Glorious Treats via Pinterest

{Credit} Call Me Cupcake via Pinterest

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  1. Those cakes look so beautiful and love the layers of pink x

  2. Beautiful colouring, would be a shame to eat such a lovely looking cake!


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