Thursday, 31 December 2009

Real Wedding: Mariam & Ben

It's pretty hard to have a totally original big day, but this cute couple Ben and Mariam had a pretty good go at it! Check out Mariam's gorgeous fabric and button bouquet for starters. Then look at the later photos to spot her second dress of the day, a sari for the reception. At this point you should note that neither of them are Indian they just thought it'd be fun! Whatsmore, instead of doing the first dance together, they continued the Indian theme, and did the Jai-Ho" dance from Slumdog Millionaire with their friends. Isn't that just the coolest idea? Fanastic photos as ever from Christine Chang.

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  1. She looks so completely comfortable in the sari, as if it's an everyday item for her! And beautiful. Looks like a wonderful day, all round!


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