Friday, 7 May 2010

Real Wedding: Bridget & Jeremy

Finding it hard to pick a colour theme for your wedding? Try using a spectrum of shades instead. Bridget and Jeremy picked a series of gorgeous lilacs, blues and mauves, and they worked perfectly because they're all gradations of the same tone. Not so sure what that means? For help on choosing a colour scheme, try the Colour Palette Generator and for an explanation of colour hues check out Colour Cube. So back to the wedding! Inspiration-spots include Bridget's fabulous silver shoes, her sexy off-the-shoulder dress and her cute plaited up-do. I'm also loving the stationery, and the clever use of blue food dye in the vases - so much cheaper than buying tinted glassware, and it would work with every colour. Gorgeous pictures as ever via the girls at Simply Bloom - love them!

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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Real Wedding: Lia & Gerald

There's something iconic about London weddings. Maybe it's because it's such a stand-out city, or maybe it's because all the couples are chic, urban sophisticates, but they're always such stylish affairs. Lia and Gerald's big day was no differnt. They celebrated their wedding at the glam Haymarket Hotel, in a gorgoues private room, decorated with pink roses and chandeliers. Lia looked super-elegant in a modern strapless dress and added vintage jewelery plus a black-bowed rose bouquet. Meanwhile Gerald looked fab in his bespoke suit. Huge thanks to Chloe Brown from Caught the Light for her lovely pictures!

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BBD Theme: Hot Coffee

Okay, so I know that coffee isn't entirely Provencal, but on our recent visit to search for wedding venues, we drank a lot of lattes, so I'm using that as an excuse to include it in my foodie theme week. Coffee is also a luxurious colour, flattering to most complexions, and ideal for bridesmaids' dresses. Coffee-beans and personalised mugs make for brilliant wedding favours, and if you're known for needing your daily cup of joe, then what better way to personalise your big day? Check out all the lovely vendors below, and don't miss the discounts!

Product Credits {from top left} - 1. A Wedding Less, 2. Amy Olsaver, 3. All That Zazz, 4. Creative Bride {from middle left} 1. Gingeroni 1, 2. So Fino, 3. Dutch Pearl {from bottom left} 1. My Shining Lights, 2. Nata Jane, 3. Happiest Day Designs

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Real Wedding: Stephanie & Wil

Who says a wedding dress has to be white? If you're a bride looking to break with tradition, check out Stephanie's gorgeous tinted gown for inspiration. Its sculptural lines are softened by romantic pink, making it perfect for the modern bride. Other pink hints come from the macaroons, florals and favours, plus {my fav} the frosting on doughnuts. Stephanie's secret is to use different tones of pink, and to throw in black detailing to stop it all getting too saccharine. Other details to copy include the Stephanie's chic black hat & grey nails, Wil's sharp suit and the fabulous desert table - go on, treat your guests, they'll love you for it! Huge thanks to the talented team at Our Labour of Love for their gorgeous pics.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Real Wedding: Madhu & Devaraj

There is an elephant in this wedding - how cool is that! Admittedly Madhu and Devaraj did get married in India, and there are more elephants there than most places, but it's still impressive. The happy couple celebrated their big day in a traditional ceremony, and I've fallen head-over-heels for their style. Indian weddings are always a feast for the eyes, and this one is no different. Check out the bridesmaids' amazing orange saris and parasols, Madhu's stunning henna tattoos and gardenia garlands for starters. Other steathworthy details include the personalised fans, peacock feather place markers and stunning petal mosaic. Huge thanks to US photographer Punam Bean for her inspirational pictures.

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Bolero Bliss

Goosebumps are not a good look on a blushing bride. Believe me, you don't want to be freezing cold on your wedding day, and as we can't rely on the British weather, it's worth planning ahead. One way to stay warm and fashionable is to pick a bolero. They're totally on trend for spring and summer, and a gorgeous way to add a bit of romantic appeal to your outfit. Why not try these ruffled lovelies from Bonzie, an amazing independent fashion label from Ireland. Each piece is handmade by aunt and niece design duo, Bonzie and Ger, and I simply love their artful blend of neo-victorian chic! Check out their shop, and quote Before the Big Day to get a 10% discount.

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BBD Theme: Provence Honey

Inspired by my recent trip to Provence to search for wedding venues, all this week I'll be featuring foodie Before the Big Day wedding themes. Let's start this Bank Holiday Monday with honey. A sweet addition to your wedding, you can use pots of it as favours, honeycomb and bees as a motifs and shapes, and the rich yellow colour for your bridesmaids' dresses. I'm loving the products below to add a touch of honey to your big day - don't miss the special discounts for BBD readers, listed below!

Product Credits - {from top left}1. Beautiful Soaps, 2. Cultivar, 3. Nomsa, 4. Luxe Deluxe {from middle left} 1. Shop Rhubarb, 2. EM Wedding, 3. Ello There, 4. Beautiful Soaps {from bottom left} 1. MN Hince, 2. EM Wedding, 3. Belles For Her, 4. Lazy Giraffe

Photo Credits - {from top left} 1. Once Wed, 2. Jelson Jargon via Brooklyn Bride, 3. The Knot {from bottom left} 4. Brooklyn Bride, 5. The Knot

Product Credits - {from bottom left} 1. E Rosas Jewelry, 2. BriGuys Girls, 3. Lucky Duct, 4. Shop Rhubarb {from middle left} 1. Happy Hound {from bottom left} 1. Roundabout, 2. Timeless Paper, 3. Forest Candle Studio

We Offers - just mention Before the Big Day to get your discount.
Happy Hound & Lucky Duct are offering 10% off. 
Lazy Giraffe is offering 10% of their gorgeous jewellery.
MN Hince is offering free shipping on orders of their exquisite earrings and jewellery over $20.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Real Wedding: Melissa & Anthony

Award winning photography on Before the Big Day! A picture from Melissa and Anthony's gorgeous wedding was shortlisted for photograph of the year, and came third out of hundreds of entries - congratulations to photographer Julia Ford! Check out the winning picture of their ceremony in the Great Barn in Devon below. There's also plenty of stealworthy ideas from this lovely countryside wedding. Melissa has a sweet ivy tattoo, and decided to continue the motif with ivy florals and beautiful silver cufflinks for Anthony. Simple, elegant and completely personal - perfect wedding theming. Many thanks to Julia Ford of Modern Photographic and Wedding Magazine for her beautiful pictures. Scroll down for a message from Melissa, and a list of her vendors.

Message from the Bride - We spent a few special days in Devon when we first got together and have been going back there every year since, so it seemed the natural place to hold our wedding. The idea was to bring a bit of London style to the country, but it was a challenge to find somewhere both modern and stylish in the midst of such a rural area. The sophisticated feel of The Great Barn was perfect, and the dramatic lighting during the ceremony gave the room all the drama of a cathedral. It was a spring wedding, so we wanted to create a sense of everything bursting to life, from the fresh green and white colour scheme to the table centres of wild spring bulbs.

I’ve never wanted to be a ‘princess’ bride, which is why I chose a simple halterneck gown with a touch of Hollywood glamour. My bouquet of viburnum opulus, white ranunculus and ivy complemented the day’s spring theme, and also honoured the memory of my mum who passed away a few years ago. She had planted a viburnum tree when I was born, and I’ve always loved the 
vibrant green colour of the pom-pom shaped blooms. Anthony looked gorgeous in a bespoke Ozwald Boateng suit accessorised with a delicate hyacinth and ivy buttonhole.

We kept the reception tables simple with scattered rose petals and oak-leaf shaped place cards. Because ivy featured in both my bouquet and Anthony’s buttonhole, I decided to commission special ivy-leaf earrings for me
, and a pair of matching cufflinks for my husband-to-be. Continuing the green theme, our invitations were printed on packets of forget-me-knot seeds, and 
we asked each guest to plant them in their gardens as another pretty reminder of our special day.

Dress: Ana Cristache
Groomswear: Ozwald Boateng
Florist: Sarah Pepper Flowers
Ivy Cufflinks & Bracelet: Nicola Crawford of Silver Leaves

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